Justin: A story of destiny

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A story of someone who grew up in the lowest of classes, with a single mother struggling to support her three kids; someone who took care of his siblings and sacrificed his childhood to become an adult sooner then he should of. This is the story of a boy who always wanted more, but the world was stacked against him, and many hardships stood in his way.

This is the story of a man who grew up strong and powerful and decided to make more of himself, and in turn, be able to help the world like he knew he was destined to. The story of a storyteller, a person who has seen many things in his life, felt many feelings and met many people, and used those experiences to share wisdom and entertainment with the world around him, a man who knew he had to become a filmmaker.

And finally, he found the opportunity he needed at Fanshawe. Now he is finally on the path to greatness and able to truly express his art and creativity in various outlets.

This is the story of Justin Husson, London native, and art enthusiast. His story is one of many ups and downs, losing those he has loved, and overcoming obstacles that seemed impossible.

This is his story of an old soul, and his path to greatness....


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