Kathleen: A story of serendipity

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In 1978, Tracy was riding the bus on her way to Fanshawe when she spotted a young man she was immediately drawn to. Some would call it a coincidence, but I believe it was fate.

Later that week at one of Fanshawe’s pub nights, a mutual friend introduced them. They hit it off and started dating. Eventually they got engaged, married and moved to the GTA to pursue their careers and start a family. They had three children: Michelle, Paul and Kathleen.

Fast forward 18 years and after being inspired by many positive stories about Fanshawe from my parents, I attended for graphic design. After three years filled with great memories, friendships and valuable learning experiences, I completed a graduate certificate in marketing management.

After graduating, I wished I could stay at Fanshawe forever. Luckily, I saw a job posting for a part-time position in the Faculty of Arts Media and Design. After getting the job, I was so excited! I could finally give back to the school that had given me so much. Eventually, I got a full-time position in Corporate Communications working on Fanshawe’s website.

Each and every day I am thankful. From being the place my parents met, to providing me with an amazing education to being the first step in my career – Fanshawe is deeply rooted in who I am today.


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