Keir: A story of doing what i love!

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My name is Keir Jack and I’m a flight attendant with Air Canada, based out of Calgary, Alberta. When I first arrived at Fanshawe I was admittedly confused. I had dropped out of university following a combination of disinterest and immaturity, but I knew I wasn’t ready to join the workforce full-time. I love to travel and have strong interpersonal skills, so I thought a Tourism & Travel program would suit me well. Throughout my time at Fanshawe I grew enormously on a personal level. The program offered us a taste of a variety of sectors in the industry, and gave every student the opportunity to discover a niche. I spent a work term in Banff, and came back to my second year eager to learn even more. With the help of an extremely supportive, understanding, and dedicated teaching and support staff, I was really able to grow as an adult. The instructors were always willing to meet with us and help us with our schoolwork. They became invested in our futures and shared our successes. It is a pleasure being able to tell people that I am a Fanshawe graduate, and it has shaped who I am today.


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