Kimmi: A story of an underdog

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When I was young, I never imagined that I was going to drop out of high school or thought that I would end up wasting precious moments of my adolescence running around vicariously wasting time. So nonchalantly. But there is a moment of clarity that someone achieves in the peak of destroying their future; to give you an opportunity to look at yourself and ask the valuable question, "What have I accomplished?" My answer, was, "Nothing".

Upon registering for Fanshawe, I felt ecstasy. I was finally taking a step towards my goals. This big and bright establishment was my chariot to a new life. Unlike in high school, I felt engaged and excited. The professors speak to you as people, not children and they expand further than what is residing in the textbook. I felt challenged and intimidated but also motivated and inspired. I kept thinking, "What am I going to do tomorrow?" and anxiously anticipating the next lecture.

Fanshawe is an open door to a new reality. A reality of hard work and unity. The school itself, is like a living organism; constantly full of movement and life. Throughout this experience, I never felt misguided or ostracized. My ideas were embraced and evaluated and upon being a member of this community for less than one year; I must say it feels like home.


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