Kyle: A story of a dreamer

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I started my Fanshawe pilgrimage in 2011, through the Academic and Career Entrance program, or more commonly known as A.C.E. I ended up in A.C.E after being told that my English and math skills were not up to snuff. It was a struggle to relearn Math and English from scratch, but I had a dream, a dream of learning as much as I possibly could, and you know what? I graduated from the A.C.E Program on the President’s Honor Roll.

While in the A.C.E program I learned I had a talent for science and computers. Incidentally, those twin talents brought me to my current dream of earning a PhD in computer science and metallurgy.

Flash forward 3 years, I am now in the final semester of the Computer Systems Technology program here at Fanshawe College. I love my program and I strive to do my best, both at school and in the Fanshawe Community. For my program, I enjoy working in groups for projects to gain as much experience as possible from my peers, as well as my textbooks. Moreover, I am a Peer-Tutor in math and I.T. For my Community, I volunteer a lot of my time to help out the First Nations Centre, FSU, Headstart and More.

I will see you around the college, for I am still chasing my Dreams.


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