Laura: A story of new beginnings

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After working in my studied field of Recreation and Leisure for 5+ years, I realized that I wasn’t where I wanted to be in my career. I couldn’t see myself developing or being challenged in the capacity that I strived for. As comfortable as I was, and as difficult as it was to give up a full-time job, I decided to do something about my unrest and make a change. I quit my job to go back to school.

I enrolled in the Human Resources Management program at Fanshawe College for the fall of 2013. I wanted to get back into the workforce as soon as I could; with my previous education and it being a condensed program, I was able to graduate in just 8 months! This program was demanding with 14 courses in just two semesters, but it gave me the knowledge I needed and put me well on my way to achieving my professional designation. In my second term at Fanshawe, I was selected for the consultancy program. This awesome opportunity allowed me to work with a local company and gain practical experience in my field. I graduated in April and with the help of connections I made at Fanshawe, by June, I had started working as an HR Recruiter for Columbia Sportswear. I am still here today and haven’t looked back since!


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