Lauren: A story of a single mom with a dream

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I am a single mom of two young boys - ages 3 and 8. I've lived in every province from Ontario to BC but haven't been east past Toronto. I grew up in Regina and moved to Calgary in my mid 20s. Soon after meeting my husband at the age of 28 we lived in Vancouver before the RCMP transferred us to his hometown of Woodstock. I left all of my family and a six figure salary behind. I loved my job out west as a new home sales manager, but even while doing that and making a lucrative income, I always wished I'd gone into nursing. After two children and a separation from my husband when my youngest was just seven months, I knew that I was not going to be able to leave Ontario and would have no family support; I needed to be sure I would be able to care for my kids and myself financially so decided it was now or never, and finally applied to nursing. I worked very hard in the pre-health program and was thrilled to receive early acceptance to the BScN program; Fanshawe was my first choice. Upon completion, I will be the first in my family to obtain a University Degree. I hope I set a good example for my sons and make them proud.


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