Lisa: A story of finding passion

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I’ve always enjoyed writing, but I’ve never been a confident writer.
After graduating from Marketing at Fanshawe, I decided to take a year off to work, and figure out my next steps. That’s when I found out about the CCPR program at Fanshawe. I’ve always been a great verbal communicator, and PR seemed like the perfect fit for me… aside from the writing component.
My first class of the semester was Writing for PR- three hours that thoroughly terrified me for what was to come in the program. I was fearful for the feedback I would receive when I submitted my first assignment, but instead of tearing me down, my professor helped me understand the mistakes I was making, and showed me how to improve.
After a month in the program, I decided to step outside my comfort zone, and pitch a column to The Interrobang. I became Frugal Fashionista; writing stories about affordable fashion while also writing as a voice for the plus size community at Fanshawe.
Although I still have much to learn, I have been incredibly lucky to have a wonderful support system in the form of my professors, classmates, and family. They have helped me let go of my fear and find my passion. I don't fear sharing my writing anymore - I’m actually considering pursuing a writing career after graduation!


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