Lucy: A story of hope

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I was in the Health Office Administration Program in the Fall of 1989.

Fanshawe's Doctor assessed me and ordered biopsies and confirmed the worst. Esophageal Cancer. And because it had been left untreated so long…it was not clear of the stage until they did the surgery.

After my surgery, my teachers and counselors were worried I would fail the program and asked me to seriously consider pulling out and return the following year. But I wanted to succeed despite my impairments. You see, I’m a daughter of Italian Immigrants…I was the only person in my whole family to even attend College and I needed to finish. I told the teachers I did not want to leave this life without fulfilling my dream of a College Graduation. My teachers and counselors listened to me and understood my need and became supportive and I successfully completed my program that 1990 yr.

I have since become a Registered Nurse and and Occupational Health Nurse and work here at the very college who believed in me…treated me with compassion and held up their core values when I needed them.

I believe that had I not had the support from Fanshawe College, I would not be where I am today…I thank you and applaud you Fanshawe College and am proud to be part of and carry forward, our core values today.


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