Lydia: A story of enrichment

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My story started when at the age of 19 I signed up for an online course during my maternity leave, on Organization Behaviour and Business Communication. I didn’t know that it would change the course of my future! It took me that one course to realize that I wanted to study Business. I enrolled the next September for Business at Fanshawe College, and after my first semester I’d earned a 92% in the marketing course, resulting in the decision to major in Marketing. I trudged through countless case studies, cumulative projects and exams and made it to the end of 2nd year all while juggling family life with a young child. At that point I was given the choice to extend my studies a 3rd year to focus on Digital Advertising and gain invaluable hands on experience.

This is when I found my niche, where I wanted to thrive and grow in my knowledge so that I can help businesses grow through the growing media that is online marketing. I started up a freelance operation after graduating, designed several websites, and landed the perfect job as a full-time Marketing Co-ordinator at a large, family owned company in London. I attribute my success to my supportive family, my faith in God which has helped me overcome all obstacles, and the enriching education I received at Fanshawe College.


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