Mackenzie: A story of growing up

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Being only 17 at the time of starting college, many would say that my decisions may be premature, while others would say "don't wait, start as soon as you can". In November 2013 while I was enrolled in grade 12, I applied to Fanshawe College for Pre-Health and got accepted! I knew that waiting was not an option for me because I think that causes people to become lazy and forget knowledge. Moving out away to school at 17 was the best decision I've ever made because this made me learn how to adapt to many new things. I learned to live with five other roommates that weren't my family, I grocery shop for myself, I make my own meals; including my lunch for school and I learned that not everything is going to be sunshine and rainbows. I am responsible for taking share in the cleaning, taking out the garbage, cleaning my room and bathroom, and washing my own dishes; which some people are too lazy to even do. I am thankful for the way I was raised at home because of the many things my parents taught me and prepared me for when I moved on my own, and all of these things have definitely helped me in the long run. I thank Fanshawe for helping me grow up!


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