Maggie: A story of ambition

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Having travelled, lived, and worked in five different countries over the past 10 years, I have developed great interest in and passion for international business. When I first came to Canada as a new immigrant, I started a small business importing consumer goods from different Asian countries and distributing them across Canada. After two years of running my own business with my husband, I decided to acquire more knowledge and master new skills in the field of international trade in order to pursue my career objectives.

I chose to go to Fanshawe College, because the International Business Management program was exactly what I was looking for. I was impressed by the responsiveness of Fanshawe staff when I had questions about the program during the application process. During my time at Fanshawe, I was even more amazed by the dedicated professors’ in-depth knowledge and real experience in the world of international business. Other Fanshawe services such as the library, learning center and career center also provided excellent guidance both in helping me succeed in the program and in finding employment after graduation.

As a mature student returning to school, I cherished and took advantage of every learning opportunity Fanshawe offered me. Upon graduation, I won the FITT Achievement Award, and I also received and accepted a job offer from, a London-based company with a global supply chain. The knowledge and skills I learned at Fanshawe have enabled me to do my daily work confidently. If you’re looking to develop skills for your passion and career, Fanshawe is the place to go!


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