Malcolm: A story of pride

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I am very proud to be a Fanshawe grad. I joke with people that I have leveraged more from my diploma than almost any other graduate and it's for good reason. My program prepared me to be a creative problem solver, team leader and self directed learner. These skills have allowed me to adapt and respond to any situation or job I have landed in. Currently I am the General Manager of Vancouver Parks and Recreation which includes responsibility for Stanley Park. This is a tremendous priveledge and honour and I wouldn't be here if I hadn't attended Fanshawe. Community college grads are frequently pressured to go to university to have a "complete"education. I value professional development but I've resisted this assumption that only a university degree qualifies you for senior positions. Well I'm doing fine with my Fanshawe diploma. I even had the chance to go back to Toronto as the General Manager but Vancouver kept me. My message is clear ...Fanshawe develops highly qualified graduates who go on to have tremendous achievements. Be proud of your diploma and have confidence that you're one of the best prepared grads in your field. I did.


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