Maria: A story of I told you so

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I graduated from the three-year Graphic Design program at Fanshawe College in 2010. Since then I've started my own business called Full-Out: Cheer Gym Branding. I brand, market, design and create for Competitive Cheerleading Gyms & Business around the world - Canada, USA, Australia, Korea & the UK.

I had a dream to combine my two favourite worlds, and that's just what I did. My company has flourished over the last two years; I had no idea it would turn global in such a short amount of time. Cheerleading is such a niche market for myself to get involved in as I've been part of the industry since 2001. A sport that has tripled in size since then. I also coach the Fanshawe Cheerleading Team.

Freelance design work can be tricky to become successful in but I'm grateful to say that Full-Out isn't going anywhere. I'm proud to say this is my career. Thank you Fanshawe for the incredible education.


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