Marita: A story of finding my path

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Finding my path in the technical trades began with my first career in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Radio Technician. That was in the early 80's just after the first technical trades opened to women. I often joke when I say that I loved the job but not the lifestyle. My friends would say that I was entirely too independent and too outspoken. I became a civilian 4 years later and worked a number of jobs but couldn't stop thinking about once again pursuing a technical career. At 25, I began my Fanshawe experience in the Electronics Engineering Technology diploma and never looked back. I completed my courses and began a full-time career in the local TV station after months of trying to convince them that I was what they were looking for. I would spent 16 years working for CFPL-TV London until I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the spring of 2009. My career at the station was over - the neuropathy in my hands and compromised left arm from surgeries meant I could no longer work a physical job. In 2012-2013 I attended and graduated Western Faculty of Education with distinction. I proudly wore both my Fanshawe scarf and Western's scarf. Two weeks later I would be in chemo. Today I live with metastatic cancer and my love of teaching.

Marita lost her courageous fight with cancer in December 2014. Our condolences are with the family.


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