Mary: A story of growth

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In 1975 I graduated from the Social Service Worker program as the first student to complete the two year program in one year. After graduation, I held over 40 survival jobs.

In May 2003, I started my career as an Employment Counsellor working for non-profit government employment agencies until I got laid off in 2012. When I decided to open my own business, I wanted to provide career services to include resume writing, interview practice, training and evaluations (RITE), working with individuals on a personal level.

I wanted to coach clients on their career development, as I have realized one of my strengths is to identify clients’ strengths both written and verbally with confidence.
Over 90% of my clients have been successful in their career development, going for interviews, being offered new employment that gives them personal satisfaction in doing their responsibilities and higher work performance.

In the last 12 years, I have taken many workshops including designation to be a Certified Career Strategist and a Personality Dimension Trainer. Since I have opened my business, I have had two resumes published in the Best Canadian Resumes 3rd Edition, one cover letter in the Best Canadian Cover Letters 2nd Edition; been nominated for 2013 and 2014 for Award of Excellence in Resume Writing and nominated for the AMFB-AMPLA Business Achievement Awards in the category of Social Responsibility.


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