Matt: A story of potential

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In 2000, I had just finished one year of University and decided to enter the workforce full-time rather than finish my undergraduate degree.

I landed a job at a thriving automotive company, where I began my career as an assembly line worker. After being promoted to a lead hand position, I knew that I needed to pursue further education in order to advance my career.

In 2003, while continuing to work full-time during the day, I began attending Fanshawe College during the evenings with a focus on Quality Assurance. I absolutely loved the program! Learning something new and being able to apply it practically the very next day gave me such a sense of fulfillment.

I graduated in 2005 and attribute my time at Fanshawe as one of the cornerstones for why I was fortunate to progress through many more senior manufacturing positions over the years.

Fanshawe was my call to action! It ignited an excitement that would eventually lead me to complete an Executive MBA at Ivey Business School In 2013. That same year, I began to teach part-time at Fanshawe in the Faculty of Technology.

Having an exciting full-time role at Western University and teaching part-time at Fanshawe has been an incredible experience.

I'm passionate about developing the next generation of leaders and remain inspired by the potential of our students!


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