Matt: A story of positivity

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2008-2009 was a very successful year for me at Fanshawe. I won many academic and athletic awards as the Captain of the Fanshawe Varsity Soccer Team, including Athlete of the Year. But, three days prior to the Athletic Banquet, I was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I didn’t tell anyone at the time that I was accepting these awards with an aggressive form of cancer in my body.

The next few years were extremely tough physically but even more so mentally because I knew I would have to put my life on pause to fight this complex ordeal. I went into remission after eight months of Chemotherapy only to relapse a month later with Leukemia. For that I needed a bone marrow transplant, which eventually led to the failure of my kidneys and put me on hemo-dialysis for two years. I was trained to be able to do it at home without a nurse until I received a kidney from my generous mom in August of 2014.

After two transplants, numerous complications and scares, enormous amounts of chemo, medications, treatments and tests, and an unwavering positivity, I am finally able to resume my life. And what better way than to do it at Fanshawe College where I had all that success five years ago! My post-graduate program, Professional Financial Services starts in January of 2015.


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