Matthew: A story of focus

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I always had a passion for creating something that will spark someone's vision. I signed up for a welding techniques program knowing that this would be a great start towards a career choice. After I signed up and enrolled into the course I got into a collision on my dirt bike that broke my pelvis tib and fib. Recovery was the only thing on my mind and getting back into the sport and being able to stand. Once I recovered, I found welding a great way to separate myself from the pain I was going through mentally. The course not only helped with patience, but with control, two great things I needed to improve in my life. The struggles I was going through had lots to do with the habits I choose to break as well. I found myself breaking old habits and rebuilding stronger and more comfortable ways of dealing with the negative impulses throughout my program. Needless to say I found myself not only building myself through this program but building the people around me as well. As I built and fixed trailers to cages in the program made me realize I was meant to not only have a strong bond between two metals but between people and the world around me. I will continue building this world into a greater future.


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