Melinda: A story of aspiration

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It started as a hobby. A small past time, and it began to grow.

For 15 months now I have been making jewellery, and now I'm able to do something I never thought I could: I'm able to make a difference with it. I have been blessed with a strong customer base who has made it possible to donate a portion of sales to the Ellita Women at Risk of Ethiopia. An organization that is dedicated to rehabilitating prostitutes and giving them a better way of life. 90% of women who comes through the rehabilitation, never return to the street.

I am graduating graphic design this spring, and the road is leading me forward to a career doing what I love, and I plan to take Sunstone Jewels right along with me.

It may not be much, and it may never be a large charitable donation, but each month it's a small step in helping women who have not been as fortunate as us.

I can't wait to see where my small business takes me, and I have Fanshawe's faculty, and students to thank for supporting me, my business, and my strives to make a difference.


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