Michael: A story of transformation

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I was a lost soul when I turned up in London, Ontario back in the summer of 1973. But I discovered a wonderful city of singers, songwriters, poets, artists, and storytellers who wanted to make the world a better place.

I discovered my opportunity in Fanshawe's Child Care Worker program. It gave me skills, experiences, and stories I'll never forget. I worked with autistic kids in Windsor, children in care in Chatham, and adolescents in care in and around London. I even led an expedition of 17 teens in an old yellow school bus to Vancouver and back and lived to tell the story!

I took a break from my studies, traveled Europe for a few months before returning to Canada and graduating from Fanshawe. Thanks to my mentor, Denis Gadwa, I found employment in a residential centre for adolescent women, working as a counselor, teaching life skills, and co-facilitating family therapy sessions. I learned that changing the world comes one story, one heart at a time.

Fanshawe College set me on a road that eventually brought me to Scotland where I'm a teacher, a coach and a storyteller who helps people create stories that change their world. Thanks Fanshawe!


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