Michael: A story of community

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Community and charity work has always been a passion of mine but I never thought it would become a career. I started a charity / team building event called the Corporate Challenge, an event that was run by the chamber of commerce many years ago, in 2010 which raises money for local charities. The event started to raise a great deal of money for charity and continued to grow each year. It was when I gifted the business plan to a woman in Windsor and seeing the success of the event in another city I knew I had something. From marketing, sales, web design, event logistics, contract negotiation, accounting, customer service and most importantly fundraising.... what I learned at Fanshawe College has helped me navigate through the early years of my business. For our London event we expect to cross the $500,000 mark for funds raised in the London Community. Partnering with the Ronald McDonald House in 2016 was a big step and one of the best decisions I have made to date. With their help we hope to grow to run our event in three other cities in the next few years!


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