Michelle: A story of community

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My story is one about true community. After experiencing a devastating marital breakdown I needed to return to school to be competitive in the job market. In order for me to attend Fanshawe, I had support from many local agencies ; Women Community House, London Abused Womens Centre, Merrymount Children's Centre, Life Spin, Wheable Adult Education Centre, YMCA, Jumpstart, Sir John A MacDonald Faculty, CC Carrothers Faculty, London Children's Connection, London Food Bank, Glen Cairn Community Centre, Salvation Army, and of course Fanshawe College. These organizations rallied together and provided the services I required to ensure my efforts at Fanshawe ended in a success story. When times were difficult they would not let me give up and provided the encouragement to continue on this educational journey so I could create a legacy for my children. This legacy consists of what it means to be part of a community, the importance of perseverance and dedication, the impact of character and integrity, the significance of education, but most of all rising above the depths of despair. Without the community to support my endeavours, I would not have been able to tell my Fanshawe success story. This has been an incredibly challenging journey but one that was worth the travel thanks to those who supported my efforts.


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