Mike: A story of unexpected opportunities

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I chose to apply to Fanshawe’s Computer Systems Technology (co-op) program because I hoped it would help me land a job after graduating. During first year, I missed the first day to apply for the co-op placements, so I had to search through the “less desired” jobs that were still available. I found a placement in Cambridge with the words, “Tooling Systems” in its name. I thought it would be a dusty machine shop with dirty and old computers, but I didn’t know anyone in my program who wanted to commute to Cambridge so I thought this would be the best chance I had to get a placement.

After landing a job interview, I quickly realized that this “Tooling Systems” placement was actually a very high-tech engineering company and most of the techs were Fanshawe CTY grads! My first co-op term was successful and I discovered that everything I was learning in my program actually applied to this placement!

I re-applied for my second co-op term, and during that time, a tech position opened up. I applied for it and was offered the position! This was September 2008, when many people were unfortunately losing their job, I was able to start my career. This opportunity was a big blessing and the co-op worked out as I hoped.

Thank you Fanshawe for helping me jump start my career!


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