Naif: A story of guidance

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It was always a dream of mine to travel and continue my education abroad so I could meet people from different cultures and acquire the ability to deal with individuals from different backgrounds. This road lead me to Fanshawe.

I came to Fanshawe to study English as a Second Language because I heard the program is very good and helps students prepare for academic life after finishing the ESL program to continue their education at Fanshawe.

Fanshawe opened the door to help me achieve my goal of expanding my horizon and getting to know people. Fanshawe is not only an educational institute, it is also a loving environment for students, especially those from international locations, and makes them feel at home.

Fanshawe helped guide me through my educational journey and I took advantage of many services they had to offer, such as using the International and Learning Centres, and participating in ESL conversation circles and counselling.

After taking the ESL program, I studied Business Foundation and graduated from the Business Accounting program.

Fanshawe has given me a lot and that is why I decided to stay first as a volunteer, then I became a student ambassador and now I am working part-time at the International Centre to help give back and assist students.


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