Nicole: A story of a traveler's story

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My name is Nicole Montero I am 22 years old originally from Victoria, British Columbia. I am a very personable and outgoing individual who enjoys a new adventure every so often. I enjoy learning about different cultures and learning different languages. Aside from English being my native language, I also speak Spanish and French fluently. One of my favorite hobbies by far has to be back packing to exotic destinations. After high school I took 3 years off and traveled as much as I could. Travelling to South East Asia for four months and then to South America for nine months was an amazing experience and helped shape me in who I am today. Last year was my first year of college where I completed my General Arts and Science Diploma. Currently I am enrolled in the Business Marketing program at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. My future plans consist of finishing my third year of the Marketing program at Fanshawe and continuing on to a University where I will finish with a degree in Bachelor’s of Commerce. Another goal of mine is to specialize in International Business so that I am able to combine my love for travelling with my career. I would love to land a job in business which allows me to travel the world.


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