Nicole: A story of lifting the spirits of sick kids

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After graduating the Fashion Design program at Fashawe, I started my own clothing company right here in London! I am the owner and designer of Evelynn by Nicole Snobelen. I hand make all the clothing myself and have an official online store, I am also the founder of The Abby Girl Fund which is a project I began in 2015, to help lift the spirits of young girls suffering from illnesses. I volunteer my time to meet with children in the hospital and design their dream dress with them. I then bring their drawing to life and gift them the dress. I held a fundraiser event earlier this year was able to raise 5 thousand dollars for my cause. It brings so much joy to me when I see these children smile during such a hard time in their lives. To know that I am making a difference and inspiring people along the way is the most amazing feeling in the world!


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