Paul: A story of luck and opportunities

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Luck and Opportunities ... I was one of the lucky ones. In 1979, while studying for a Bachelor of Commerce degree at University, I was presented with an opportunity to work as an Ambulance Attendant. What a cool job...I was able to wear a uniform to work and drive fast!

I soon realized that my interest in healthcare (and lack of knowledge) prompted me to change my educational direction. In 1981 I graduated from St. Clair College as an Emergency Medical Care Attendant and began my career as an Ambulance Attendant. This career introduced me to many new and fascinating members of the healthcare team. I was intrigued by one profession in particular and enrolled in the Respiratory Technology program at Fanshawe College, graduating as a Respiratory Technologist in 1983. I immediately began working as an RT at Victoria Hospital in the Critical Care Trauma Unit. I started teaching at Fanshawe in 1987 and enrolled in the Bachelor of Adult Education program at Brock University, graduating with a BEd (Adult) in 2000.

And here I am now, the Coordinator of the Respiratory Therapy Program, the actual program that I graduated from over 30 years ago! I'm thankful that Fanshawe College has been a huge part of my journey. I hope my students are as lucky in discovering their career path as I was.


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