Perpetue: A story of success

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A former ESL student at Fanshawe recommended for the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards, selected from over 650 entries. To vote for me, visit:

Perpetue is from Burundi. She claimed refugee status in Canada when the civil war between Tutsis and Hutus erupted in 1993.

In London, she enrolled in Fanshawe's ESL program, and later in Crisis Intervention through Fanshawe Continuing Education. Employed at ACFO of London, she created a program to help victims of war and hate crimes suffering from trauma.

Nitunga is a member of the Canada-Burundi Association in London and a leader in her community. She volunteers with the Cross Cultural Learner Centre to organize the International Day for Refugees.

In 2011, she received the first London Resilience Award for her humanitarian work with refugees and in 2012, was recognized on the London Mayor’s Honorary List for her humanitarian work . She contributed to several boards. Recently she became the coordinator of the New Youth Entrepreneurship program at ACFO.

Nitunga’s dream has been to create employment opportunities for immigrants. She is one of the founders of the London French Day Care Centre at 1050 Kipps Lane and employs immigrants. She initiated the Saturday French-Immersion Child Care Service to help families who work on Saturdays. Nitunga believes that children who learn French will have a brighter future and more opportunities.


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