Peter: A story of hope.

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I'm a 22 year old Chippewa student, from a dysfunctional, but loving family. I never graduated high school, and had no drive to do anything with my life. I don't know when I decided to want to become a Police Officer, but when I heard about Fanshawe's Police Foundations program and the success of its students in law enforcement careers, I knew I had found what I wanted in life: An opportunity to change, help, and save lives. I obtained my GED as quickly as I could, and made it just in time to Fanshawe's 2012 fall PTF1 intake.

Two years later, I graduated with a 3.1 GPA (my highest ever lol.) and I'm currently enrolled in Fanshawe's Private Security and Investigation program, which is a more hands on version of other law enforcement opportunities. I still want to be a Police Officer, but how I get there is up to me. When I'm done, I'll be going to pursue a Master's in Criminology at University of Ottawa.

Fanshawe not only changed my life, it gave me a chance at one. I'm the first one in my family to get a College Diploma, and I'll be the first to get a University Degree.

This is a weird place to say thank you, but I mean it. Thank you Fanshawe, for everything you've done for me.


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