Priyank: A story of witnessing miracles

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I clearly remember during second year (2011) of my graduation back in India my girlfriend and I went for lunch at a restaurant. While taking lunch I gave her FIVE PROMISES:

1. I will clear exams of engineering without failing any course.
2. I will be in the list of top 5 students from the entire department.
3. I will get selected in Campus Placement.
4. When I get selected in the placement I will say 'NO' to the recruiter and after completion of my bachelor's I will go abroad.
5. (As she is mountaineer) I promised that once in our lives you will climb Mount Everest.

Today after 3 years:
1. I cleared entire engineering without failing a course and was among the TOP 5 students in entire department.
2. I was the ONLY ONE who got selected in the company placement from 765 students.
3. After training for two months at Einfochips Ltd., I said no to the company and today I'm here at FANSHAWE (as per promise of going abroad).
4. And last, I would like to tell proudly that my one and only girl climbed MOUNT EVEREST in March 2014.

Note: the best part is I wrote these all promises in my personal diary and I have proof of all these miracles.

My next promise to her:
Once in our lives, I will make her climb Highest Mountain Peaks on each continent of the earth.


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