Priyanka: A story of inspiration

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I was sexually assaulted by my client when I was working at a hospital in Saudi Arabia. I was alone and new to that country. I was so scared that I quit my job to sit at home. By saying that I mean, I was locked-up inside my house for days and I was only allowed to see, hear, or interact with people ones or twice a month. This lifestyle impacted my health negatively. I was worried about my well-being (physically, as well as emotionally).

In order to overcome the depression I decided to practice yoga and do exercise at home. I started researching about various kinds of exercise and meditation strategies from internet. Soon after that, I found myself quite passionate about Fitness and overall Health studies. Then one of my old friends suggested me to take a Fitness course at Fanshawe. He also said that some of his friends studied here and they recommend Fanshawe to everyone.

My first impression was the best impression. My airport pickup, motel stay, and campus visit, everything was well organized when I reached Toronto from India. Fanshawe is helping me to build my self-efficacy and confident in my field. Most of all, I am extremely satisfied with the study system here. Proudly I say, here I found my goals in life. Thus, I found happiness once again.


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