Rebecca: A story of one parent less

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In 2014, April Fools day was no longer a day of jokes. It became the day my mother told me she has ovarian cancer, I was 18 years old. Our lives became appointments, surgeries and hope. My depression spiraled downhill and graduating high school became unimaginable. I pushed through each day so my mother could see me graduate; then I continued onto Fanshawe College. My goal is to pursue my career and make my family proud, especially my mother. Sadly, my mother passed away in October, 2015. I thought my life changed drastically before, but it had just begun. My graduation is approaching and each day it is becoming more and more difficult... but I keep going. So my mother can see me walk across the stage to receive my diploma. Thanks to Fanshawe, I have gained numerous friends and friendships that will last a lifetime as well as supporters and motivators to keep me going. Fanshawe has helped me on some of the most difficult days to cope. I gained a second family through from my enrollment at Fanshawe, I can say I will and am going to graduate. For anyone who is in the same position, you can do it, just ask for help.


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