Reiva: A story of drive

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What brought you to Fanshawe?

The spealized programs I was looking for that were also backed with an amazing reputation. I went there for Music Industry Arts and I'm now taking Audio Post production.

Tell us about your favourite Fanshawe experience.

Overwhelmingly great equipment access in our program(s) and the amazing networking skills the program(s) allow you to build and take forward into the work place.

What impact has Fanshawe had on your life?

Unbelievably, I have noticed not only myself applying the knowledge and seeing the results but those around me take notice as well. With MIA and APP it has opened so many doors for me then I would have dreamed. I owe the adventure my life is setting up to be to those programs (to Fanshawe) in a field that I'm told by others has no jobs. Makes me smile :)


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