Reneice: A story of redemption

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My name is Reneice Bromfield, I just turned 21 on November 30th and I have an almost 2 year old son, named Mahcai. I have lived on my own since I was 16 because my mother couldn't accept I was bisexual, but it was okay - she accepts me now, (: I grew up without a father and I resorted to the lifestyle of partying and drinking every night and spending my money on new clothes for a new day. Not a very ambitious person, I skipped school and had bad manners until I went to the doctors one visit and was told I had an abnormal Pap test, that they saw cancerous tissue forming. Twice I had to get them burned off the following year and I so very much just wanted a change. I wanted to do better in school but I could still not focus as much. That is when I met a boy named Tristan and he changed my life. He gave me my son, and although we are not together because he wasn't ready for a baby and commitment, I was. I am both a mommy and a daddy. My son has made me an amazing person, and going back to school, getting my high school diploma and then college, was for my son Mahcai. University will be next! :)


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