Richard: A story of overcoming

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I am a mature student who came back, again, to post-secondary education after an 8 year hiatus.

Nineteen years ago, which is half my life, I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder & social phobia. For years and years I felt lost, scared and depressed because I didn't know what was wrong with me. Was I going crazy?

Any focus on career development or college became a distant thought as I was more focused on my new fears in life. In time, I was convinced to get help.

By getting help through professionals, students in this field and supportive friends, I finally realized what was wrong with me - NOTHING. We are all unique individuals and need help from time to time to get us 'back on our feet.'

Through Fanshawe College's Counseling & Accessibility Services, I have received all the support I need and so much more. The entire atmosphere of Fanshawe College is outstanding for ANYONE to help realize their dreams. Nothing can compare to that. I am seeing my dreams come to fruition and there is no feeling like it. Anywhere.

Does my Story relate to you? Feel free to talk about it. We all have a Story to be heard.


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