Rumman: A story of blessings

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Getting out from your comfort zone and studying in an alien environment is not an easy thing to do, but it bears the greatest rewards. Studying abroad has always been a dream for me, and the Great White North was always my pick whenever I thought about that dream. Getting admission into one of Canada’s premier colleges was a dream come true.

My story started in March 2012 with Business – Marketing (co-op) in the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business. As of March 2015, I have completed two exchange semesters (the Netherlands and Wales, UK), three co-op work terms at Voyageur Transportation Services, and I have a GPA of 4.05. I am a recipient of eight awards (including two national and a provincial award) within the last two years. As a volunteer I proudly represent school and community values in all commitments.

I owe my ongoing success to Fanshawe College, to all faculty, staff, administration and colleagues. I am truly grateful for their support and encouragement!

To find one thing that is best about Fanshawe College is almost an impossible task. I appreciate all that this glorious institute has to offer. The facilities and opportunities it provides to its students are a class apart. Enjoying is a word that can do little to explain my feelings right now, I am simply loving my life at Fanshawe and the best is yet to come.

Back home I was shy and nervous who was afraid of taking a leap of faith. I am now a guy who loves to take challenges head on. Fanshawe taught me how I could tap my full potential and grow from strength to strength.

There is no looking back now. I have just one way to go and that’s FORWARD!


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