Ryan: A story of perseverance & motivation

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My mother was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2010, and since then she has been announced "cancer free" once, only to relapse later on. When I first started to apply to college, she was having to go through chemotherapy treatments. Since then, she has been diagnosed with terminal cancer - spreading to her liver and lungs. Doctor's determined in August 2015, that she had up to a year to live, but just last week (Tuesday, November 17), the doctor's determined she has only 8 weeks left to live.

This has been very difficult to cope with, but she is a fighter and my mother and I both hope she can make it to my graduation at Fanshawe College in 2016, as it would mean the world to her.

Often times I have thought of dropping out of my program to be with my mother, as I am currently her full-time caregiver, but she has given me the inspiration to stay in school and to complete it, not only for her, but for myself as well. It's been an up and down roller coaster ride the past few years, but in a way Fanshawe College has kept me on the right track and encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

2017 Update: See Ryan's full story in this video https://youtu.be/Is4udN8t66w


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