Sagar: A story of unpredictable success

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I saw a social film on YouTube, where a child was being exploited in many ways. All at once after watching the film I realized that my condition was worse than the child. The years from 1998 to 2006 were miserable to me in my high school, where teachers used to call me dumb and stupid (used to happen in India). Teachers used to dislike me not because I was dull but because I never attended their paid tuition. I was beaten like animals by teachers with almost 40-50 cm wooden stick. Once I was so frustrated that I tried to jump from the school building (I was child at that time and didn't even know the term 'suicide'). I still have scars in my body and wounds inside my body are healed now. My childhood was ruined, I was made mentally unstable and told that I couldn't do anything.

My student life actually started in 2015 when I came in Fanshawe. I feel lucky to be here where teachers treat everybody equally . I no longer feel dumb. I'm getting good marks and winning in extra curricular activities in Fanshawe. "EVERYTHING IS CHANGED" now.

P.S - Teachers don't beat students in India presently.


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