Samah: A story of persistence

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I immigrated to Canada with my family 5 years ago. I left all my family, friends and memories back in Egypt. I have four kids and my husband is doing his residency in Medicine. When my youngest was only one year old I decided to go back to school. I chose Business Human Resources because I know that my strongest competency is my communication skills. I am an excellent problem solver, I am great in dealing with conflicts and I understand different types of people and enjoy dealing with them. I decided to do my best in school, and still balance between being a student and a mother. I stay in the library daily from the time I finish classes till 5:00 pm when it is time to pick my kids up from daycare. I use this time to do all my homework and study. During my second semester and just before midterm exams, my dear father passed away. I travelled to Egypt and stayed there for two weeks. My father was my role model, my friend, and my teacher. When he passed I was in deep grief and pain, but I still managed to write my exams in time and got very high marks too. I am in my third year now. I won two awards, still getting high marks, and enjoying everyday in school.


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