Sean: A story of persistence

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Persistence is a foundation I’ve used to beat the odds, both in education and in my career(s). Finding my way to Fanshawe wasn’t a challenge by foot (I grew up behind the College), but it was on paper. Competing against hundreds to get a place in Broadcast Journalism, I landed a spot in 1990.
In the program, I acquired the skill of persistence. It was necessary, if for no other reason than - at the time - technology wasn’t something you could take home. Overnights in the ‘D Lounge’ to make deadlines were common.
Upon graduation, my youthful face sent me to radio for a five year journey across Ontario. By 1997, my persistence generated an opportunity to jump to television and travel west. Along the way I’d meet the many Fanshawe Grads who dominate the industry with skill and professionalism. I would later work with more proud grads, from other schools within the College, as I spent several years in communications for a top London employer.
Back in Television, I spark with pride every time I visit Fanshawe. Staff and students, even in tough moments, are vocal about all things Fanshawe. Over the last three years, I’ve even persisted to find a way back by serving as Student Mentor. It’s rewarding to come full circle and return to the home nest of the Falcons!


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