Servio: A story of gratitude

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After immigrating to Calgary and living there for 4 years, we decided to move to London with my wife as she began her PhD at Western University. I had to start it all over again, meeting new friends, getting adjusted to a new environment, knocking doors seeking for new opportunities. And in the midst of this process I was presented the opportunity to take the Post Graduate Certificate in HR Management at Fanshawe College. Little I know about what that decision entailed.

It was an intensive year and half doing our weekly individual and team assignments (lots!), and studying hard for the exams. But at the end of the day all the effort was worth it. I had the support of dedicated professors from the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business who challenged me to excel and taught me to see the big picture. I also shared valuable experiences with classmates from all over the world who were taking the same program.

I graduated in November 2013 and the Post Graduate Certificate in HR Management opened doors for me to work for The City of London and UNIVERSITYBRAND Corporation. Life keeps bringing its challenges but as I look back I am very grateful for what I was able to learn at Fanshawe and how this experience enriched my life.

Thank you Fanshawe College!


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