Shawn: A story of passion

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From an early age, Shawn Roy remembers spending hours building miniature model homes of his own design out of LEGO and Popsicle sticks. In 2012, he turned to Fanshawe’s three-year Architectural Technology program to build his life-long passion into an exciting and rewarding career.

Shawn thrived during a pair of co-op placements at a small London-based firm where he made meaningful contributions to a wide range of projects, from standard home renovations to designing new buildings. He is excited to start a full-time job at the firm after graduation.

In May 2015, Shawn’s education and determination were on full display when he took home the gold medal at the 21st annual Skill Canada National Competition. He says he will always remember the sense of pride and accomplishment he felt standing on the podium. “Winning a gold for myself and my school made all the hard work put in over the years worth it,” he says.

“The training I received at Fanshawe has been great in expanding my knowledge and pushing my limits. My time at Fanshawe has opened doors for me,” says Shawn.


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