Sondra: A story of perseverance

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Perseverance: I became a student at Fanshawe in 2009 and successfully completed the first year of the two year program. I had plans to graduate in 2011 and pursue a bachelor’s degree at university. I am passionate about psychology and helping others.

My plans had a collision with life and as a result I had to overcome multiple challenges. Beginning autumn of 2010 until present time, I’ve experienced the following:

 I safely and successfully left an extremely abusive marriage.
 I experienced the death of my grandmother.
 I was injured when my car was struck by a careless driver of a transport truck.
 I experienced the agonizing lung cancer illness and death of my Dad.
 I incurred a brain injury and other physical injuries when my car was struck by another careless driver. Leaving me with permanent disabilities.
 I developed severe anxiety and hysterical blindness as a result of stress and trauma.
 I was forced to file bankruptcy due to divorce
 I applied to Ontario Works to provide me with financial assistance.

I‘ve just completed level three in the second year of the program. I reached this milestone because of perseverance, but I could not have come this far if it wasn’t for the accommodation, financial aid and compassion I‘ve received from the devoted Fanshawe College staff.


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