Susan: A story of exuberance

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Growing up I always excelled in anything arts related, but my other marks were always low. I got caught up with the wrong crowd and dropped out in grade 11, mainly because my lack of non art skills were making feel like school just wasn't for me. I worked customer service jobs, including working in a paint store and project management, but they didn't pay very well.

When I was 20 I had a daughter which I gave up for adoption to a wonderful family, and a short while after that my little sister passed away. These things made me realize I wanted more from my life so I started taking classes at an adult high school. It took me a long time, but three years ago I got my diploma and with the help of some very generous family friends I was blesses with the opportunity to go to Fanshawe. I'm in my second year of Gen Arts and I graduate this April. I'm going to apply to the Graphic Art program for the fall. The program encompasses my love for arts and designing and will help get me the career I never thought I would have worked in. I've had so many wonderful teachers and have met many amazing friends and I've really only begun my trip through Fanshawe.


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