Tiffany: A story of personal triumph

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"'Sweetie, look at me.' He said to me in his normal low, calm voice, and with his charming smile.. 'You have a heart of gold, you know that?'. This was something my father repeated to me all the time, as if he needed to constantly remind me of all the hope I needed to get familiar with, all the hope he knew I would need in the future. Being so young, so naive I never understood some of the things he did or said to me back then…. But I guess we are all a little naive when we are young, or should I say blind to anything that isn't a barbie doll, or a few race cars. You are about to hear my naive story… Will it move you? Who knows, but I know I like hearing true stories, lets hope you'll like mine."

That is the first paragraph to what I hope one day will be a book about my life. I was 10 when I lost my father to suicide and not long after was suicidal. I had to grow up fast, and go through hardship that no 10 year old should have to endure. I intend to help and educate those effected by suicide. Stop the stigma because the brain is an important organ too.

There is no triumph without struggle.


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