Tori: A story of motivation

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I started at Fanshawe in September 2014. The second week of school, all my classmates were in Muskoka for a camping trip while I stayed at home. That week I found out my father was diagnosed with an incurable cancer. I am an only child; which means I am exceptionally close with my parents. I love them both indescribably.
I have gone through many hardships since then. I have really great days and not so great days. It is hard to focus in class and when homework needs to be done. My mind has been elsewhere.

As it being my first year in post-secondary I was already stressed. Now, my stress level is through the roof. My health has been affected by the stress. But nothing can stop me from attending school.

My lowest mark received is a 70%. I usually get over 85% on all of my assignments and tests. But only a 70% is my lowest mark. Even though I have so many stressors in my life I still manage to get amazing grades.

I wanted to share my story to motivate others. I know life can get in the way of things, but still always do the best you can. I know my dad wants me to be successful, and that is what I am going to do.

Thank you.


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