Tunde: A story of exploration

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Mine is a story of exploration, because I have dabbled in a few professions/careers, and I would still like to continue doing that before I retire. In my early 20's I thought that hair styling was something I could do to make a living. So I finished an apprenticeship, took the required courses at Fanshawe College and wrote the licensing exams. A few years later I started the Early Childhood Education program, and graduated from that program in 1997. The teachers in the hair styling program were awesome (a mother and daughter; unfortunately I can't remember their names), Michael Goodmurphy and Monica Thompson were my favourites in the ECE program. I worked as an Early Childhood Educator for 7 years, before going back to school to pursue a degree in Computer Science (at Western University this time). I graduated from that program in 2009, and presently I am working in the field as a software developer and I am taking Project Management courses at Fanshawe College. Still not sure what I want to be when I grow up...


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