Varun: A story of determination & connections

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My name is Varun and my story is about destiny, determination and connections. I came to Canada from India in 2013. When I first came here everything was new and challenging. Coming to Canada was a tough decision for me and I had second thoughts as adaptation for difficult for me.
I joined the Human Resources Management program and Fanshawe gave me professional expertise, right opportunities, trustworthy friends and dependable professors. Soon after completing my course I went back to India for 2 months but when I came back to Canada destiny had some other plans for me.
Due to miscommunications and series of bad decisions, I ended up in program which was not for me. I could not change as the deadline had passed. I could not afford to spend my money and time on this program. I did everything I could do to find a solution. Things did not turn out well for me anywhere. But I was determined.
My professor from my previous program came to rescue me as my guardian angel after I explained my situation. The next morning, I got a call from her to go meet someone from the business office. To my surprise, I realized that she went out of her way to help me and spoke to all the authorities concerned about my case. Soon, the transfer was processed.
Thank You Fanshawe!!!


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