Vaughan: A story of awakening

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I returned to College after a short 31 year break; I was excited and terrified at the same time. I had the privilege of attending with my son and experiencing College from both my perspective and his; both of us approaching the experience in completely different ways. As a mature student I approached the idea of completing my education as a job, he on the other hand looked at the social side of things.

The first day walking through those doors opened up a new and exciting world for both of us, he joined a cheerleading squad and I joined in the student government. I was lucky enough to spend a year as the Student representative on the Board of Governors and class representative for three years. These were made possible by encouragement from staff and student leaders in the College. To my surprise I became a different person while I attended Fanshawe, I became a people person, (this was very new for me).

I have since moved on from Fanshawe to a leadership role in Industry but I remain connected through a role in the Alumni Association Board , I feel that I can never give back enough to thank Fanshawe and the amazing people I met there for changing my life and opening me up as a person.


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